We are now offering Pre-Travel COVID-19 testing at the Lonsdale & 19th Medical Clinic.


Many airlines now require COVID-19 pre-travel certification. We are able to test asymptomatic travelers prior to their flight and issue them a Fit To Fly medical certificate stating that they have tested negative for Covid 19.

The ‘Fit To Fly’ medical service includes a PCR Swab test undertaken at our clinic as well as a written doctor certification to confirm that infection is not present.

This service is not covered by MSP and is private pay only.

The fee for the service is $385. This includes administering the test (a nasal swab), laboratory fee and medical certificate.

To book an appointment for a Pre-travel Covid-19 test, please call our clinic at 604 987-3347

We will usually be able to issue you a copy of your laboratory results and your medical certificate within 72 hours (3 days) of testing. However, because we cannot control the time that it takes the laboratory to perform the testing and send us the results, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to send you your results and medical certificate within that time frame. Therefore, we are unwilling to accept responsibility or liability if you are denied boarding your flight or entry to your connecting or final destination for these or any other reasons related to your visit, the result of the COVID-19 testing, or the letter you receive from us.